What You Need To Know About Administering A Trust

A trust is an important legal tool meant to protect assets and transfer them appropriately. But if you've been named as a trustee by a family member or other loved one, it is all too easy to feel overwhelmed. What are your duties? What authority do you have? Who can you turn to for help and guidance?

At Marissa Sirota Law in Davis, we understand these questions, and we have answers. Our firm's attorney, Marissa Sirota, is experienced in and highly knowledgeable about all aspects of estate law. One of the many services we offer is guiding trustees as they fulfill their important responsibilities.

Education And Guidance For Trustees

Administering a trust can be a complicated matter. There are numerous duties to fulfill and steps to take. Ms. Sirota is ready to work with you to:

  • Help you understand the terms of the trust
  • Become familiar with your specific powers and responsibilities
  • Assist with paperwork
  • Help you understand the administrative timeline and meet important deadlines
  • Help you feel comfortable in the role you have taken on

Fostering Communication And Resolving Disputes

Trust administration also requires strong, effective communication between the trustee and the trust beneficiaries. A good lawyer can serve as a liaison between these two parties, minimizing miscommunication and resolving any disputes so that litigation does not become necessary.

Marissa Sirota can also put you in contact with certified public accountants, realtors and any other professionals you may need to fulfill your duties.

Legal Advocacy And Representation

Finally, Ms. Sirota can assist you in clarifying aspects of the trust that may be vague or confusing. If the terms of the trust are silent on a given matter, she can petition the court on your behalf in order to seek approval for a certain interpretation.

As just one example, consider a situation in which no named trustees wish to serve in the role (including you). The trust may be silent on the issue of how to appoint an acting trustee. In such a situation, attorney Sirota would petition the court on your behalf so that a new trustee could be appointed and you would be allowed to resign.

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