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March 2017 Archives

Why consider health care directives?

No one expects to become incapacitated, but it happens either due to age, accident or illness. When it does, having a clear plan in place for how one wants to be medically treated can help prevent issues among family members and health care providers. For this reason, California residents may want to consider including health care directives in their estate plans.

California probate Q and A

After a loved one passes on, there are so many things that must be dealt with, it can seem overwhelming. Upon hearing the word probate, a lot of unpleasant thoughts are likely to race through one's head. The truth is, probate does not have to be a scary or intimidating thing. Knowledge is power, and knowing what to expect can make the probate process easier with which to deal. In that spirit, this column will answer some common questions California residents have about probate.

Creating powers of attorney and estate planning go hand in hand

When creating your estate plan there is a lot of information to process and a million things to consider. It can feel overwhelming as the pressure and anxiety about making sure you have everything sufficiently covered can weigh down on you. By seeking legal assistance, the process does not have to feel like a such burden, and California residents can make sure nothing has been overlooked -- for example, failing to assign powers of attorney.

Avoid will contests with these 3 tips

Just about every will goes through the process of probate. Probate allows the courts to verify the legitimacy of the document, settle debts and distribute assets. This can be a difficult process for a number of reasons, from the emotional toll it can take on your family to the legal complexities that can arise.

Modern families and estate planning

If you are familiar with the TV series “Modern Family,” you know that the show’s unique blend of family comedy is based on recognizing that non-traditional families are an instrumental part of American society and are a growing segment of families that should be versed in estate planning.   


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