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Modern families and estate planning

If you are familiar with the TV series “Modern Family,” you know that the show’s unique blend of family comedy is based on recognizing that non-traditional families are an instrumental part of American society and are a growing segment of families that should be versed in estate planning.   

Like any family, non-traditional families should pass on family legacies and avoid undue taxes and legal complications that can cause turmoil within a family. As such, this post focuses on three helpful estate planning recommendations.

Prepare a Last Will and Testament – Indeed, having a will is obvious, but you would be surprised with how many people do not have one, and do not understand why they need one. A will acts as an instruction sheet to ensure assets are passed as intended. Without a will, state intestacy laws will control, and assets may be passed to an unintended person.

Create a Health Care Proxy and/or Living Will - Much like a last will and testament, a living will sets forth a person’s wishes regarding care and life-sustaining actions. It also designates a person who can make important medical care decisions in the event other family members or legally recognized people are not available.

Establish a Durable Power of Attorney – Even if a person does not pass away, important financial decisions must be made. A power of attorney allows someone to designate an agent to handle a person’s financial affairs if they become incapacitated.

For questions about how these documents work, an experienced estate planning attorney can help.

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