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July 2017 Archives

Importance of keeping wills and other estate plans up to date

Many individuals in California and elsewhere place a high priority on planning for the future. However, in some cases, simply putting a plan into action might not be enough, as certain changes in life could spark a need for adjustment. To avoid any undesirable consequences down the road, a person might find it beneficial to update wills and/or other estate plans should the need arise.

California attorney assists with trust administration

When people in California create a trust, they likely do so to ensure that their estate is distributed according to their wishes. In order for this to happen, they name someone to help facilitate trust administration. However, those with little experience administering a trust can easily become overwhelmed as they attempt to understand their duties and authority and try to ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed in a timely manner.

Trusts to protect fur babies

Many California residents are dog lovers. Who can blame them? Dogs can be loyal, loving creatures who are often treated like members of the family. What will happen to these fur babies when their owners die or are no longer able to care for them? Believe it or not, pet trusts can be created so that animals continue to receive all that they need in such situations.

How can an attorney help me through the probate process?

Closing out a loved one's estate in California or elsewhere can be an overwhelming task. There are a lot of little details that require attention, and any mistakes made along the way could cost the executor and beneficiaries in the long run. If probate is necessary, which is likely in most cases, you may not know where to start or what to do. Thankfully, this is not something you have to tackle alone.


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