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California attorney assists with trust administration

When people in California create a trust, they likely do so to ensure that their estate is distributed according to their wishes. In order for this to happen, they name someone to help facilitate trust administration. However, those with little experience administering a trust can easily become overwhelmed as they attempt to understand their duties and authority and try to ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed in a timely manner.

Fortunately, there are professionals that can provide guidance. For example, Marissa Sirota Law has the necessary experience to help administrators manage a trust. Our law firm can help trustees in a variety of ways, including helping them understand their responsibilities, powers and terms of the trust as well as aiding with the completion of paperwork and meeting deadlines.

We can also help a trustee address certain aspects of a trust that may need clarification by asking the court to approve an interpretation. For example, if the named trustee is not able to fulfill the role and no other provision is made, our firm can request that a new trustee is appointed. Many trustees have also turned to us to help facilitate communication with trust beneficiaries.

Those in California who are tasked with trust administration likely want nothing more than to fulfill their responsibilities in order to ensure that their loved one's wishes are met. However, the role can be overwhelming, especially if provisions in a trust are unclear. Fortunately, our law from can help ensure that all requirements are met and the instructions in the trust are followed.

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