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What do executors do?

During the estate planning process, it is common for an individual to select the person or person's he or she wishes to have handle his or her final affairs. Those named to such roles are known as executors. Individuals in California and elsewhere who have never had the privilege of holding such a role may want to know exactly what executors do.

Executors have a tough job, but it is also an important one. They are responsible for ensuring that all assets are accounted for and ready for distribution to beneficiaries. They are charged with making sure taxes and creditors are paid. They also have to take steps to resolve any claims made against an estate -- among numerous other tasks.

It all may sound simple enough on paper, but fulfilling the role of an executor can get quite complicated. This is particularly true for those who have never done it before. Thankfully, this is not a job that one has to do alone.

Those in California and elsewhere who have been named as executors of their loved ones' estates can seek legal assistance so that they can ensure that they are completing all of their duties properly and in a timely manner. One's legal counsel can take on an active role in helping to close out an estate, or he or she can simply offer guidance and moral support. It all really depends on how much assistance one feels he or she needs in order to get the job done without any errors.

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