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Asset preservation through estate and Medicaid planning

There are a number of reasons as to why numerous California residents may need long-term medical care. Age, illness, incapacitation -- they happen, and sometimes living out the rest of one's life at home is just not a viable option. Unfortunately, long-term care can be quite expensive and there are concerns that Medicaid will try to assume one's assets in order to pay for care. However, asset preservation may be achieved through careful estate and Medicaid planning.

Medicaid is a government sponsored insurance program that is available to the disabled and economically challenged. In order to qualify, a person's combined income and assets can only add up to so much. Medicaid and private insurance are also the only types of insurance that will pay for long-term care. Medicare simply does not.

To qualify for Medicaid, some individuals will have to move their assets to beneficiaries or put them in trusts. Sounds simple enough, but it has to be done just so or it will not work. Even if one ends up qualifying for Medicaid, after one dies Medicaid may be allowed to assume assets in order to pay for care.

No one really wants their assets to end up going to the government rather than loved ones due to the need for long-term care. Taking the right legal steps in order to ensure asset preservation is a must for anyone who wants to make sure that Medicaid is not the beneficiary of one's estate. An experienced estate planning attorney can assist California residents in creating estate plans that not only protect one's assets in the event of death but also in the event that long-term care is required.

Source:, "Will Medicaid Take My Home?", Isaac Yedid Esq. & Raymond Zeitoune Esq., Aug. 30, 2017

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