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December 2017 Archives

Avoiding probate impossible? Make sure you understand the process

Probate is often unfairly portrayed as an unnecessary and archaic procedure. Many people in California make avoiding probate one of their priorities during estate planning, even if they do not fully understand the benefits and downsides of the process. While it is not always an ideal outcome, probate can be useful when approached correctly.

Special needs trusts have their place in estate planning

California parents of special needs children often overcome significant barriers to ensure that their kids are well provided and cared for. However, many parents are faced with an uncomfortable question -- what happens to my children after I am gone? A special needs trust as part of a comprehensive estate plan can give parents peace of mind.

Estate planning is essential for both life and death

Most people think that they have a basic understanding of what will happen to their belongings after death, but few people truly understand how important planning for end-of-life matters can be. Estate planning takes what a person might think they know, and transforms it into something that is actually applicable in real life. By utilizing a few key documents, California residents can create clear instructions for their loved ones, pass on assets and give others the ability to make important decisions on their behalf.

Does social media information belong in wills?

Most people keep their passwords stored in the safest spot they can think of -- their own minds. However, what happens to the often dozens of online accounts after that person passes away? Suddenly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email accounts are inaccessible, leaving families confused and overwhelmed with how to handle a loved one's internet footprint. However, digital assets consume much more than just social media. Many California residents now deal with banking and other important financial commitments exclusively online, making it important to include relevant information in wills.


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