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January 2018 Archives

Living wills ease burden on loved ones

End-of-life care is essential for maintaining the dignity and respect of people during their final days. Living wills and health care powers of attorney play an important roll in ensuring that a person's final wishes are truly upheld. Without these documents, California residents might not receive the care they envisioned.

Creating a legacy through estate planning

Discussing end of life matters can be uncomfortable for everyone involved. However, failing to deal with and address that discomfort can lead to a serious problem -- no legacy to leave behind. Tackling this difficult topic and delving into estate planning can ensure that a person's final wishes are respected, and one's legacy preserved.

Trustees can still care for your pet after you are gone

Pets hold special places in the hearts of their owners, with many becoming more and more like family members over the years. For older pet owners, their pets might be their primary companions. In California, many owners want their pets to continue thriving even in the event of their own passing. By including their beloved pets in their estate plan, owners can give trustees the ability and means to continue providing necessary pet care.

Wills need regular updates to be effective

The start of a new year means different things to many people. For some in California it is a time to forge ahead with different goals, while others find it a time of peace and reflection. No matter how you ring in the start of another year, it is usually a good idea for people to carefully consider the contents of their estate plans and whether any updates to their wills are required. Failing to regularly update estate plans can cause considerable amounts of grief for loved ones.


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