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Make a plan for handling duties after a loved one's death

The death of a loved one leads to raw emotions. For the loved ones left behind, the days and weeks after the loss are likely going to be a flurry of activity that can be difficult to get through.

Making a plan for the tasks that you need to complete during this time can help you to feel less stressed and more in control. Here are a few points that you need to think about:

What are the funeral or memorial plans?

One of the most pressing matters when a loved one passes away is what type of funeral or memorial service h or she will have. These plans usually need to come together fairly quickly. You must decide if the person will be cremated or not, as well as where burial will happen.

You also have to write out the obituary or have the funeral director do this. It can be a challenge to get this all done, but hopefully you will be able to get help for taking care of these tasks.

Is there an estate plan?

Handling the final affairs for a person who has an estate plan is usually easier than taking care of someone's estate who died without a will. If there is an estate plan, you will need to get this filed with the court in the appropriate manner. The estate plan is a road map for what the person wanted to happen.

An estate plan will outline who the decedent wanted as recipients for specific assets. There might be a will and trusts included in the estate plan, so make sure that all of this is handled in the proper manner.

Who is the personal representative?

The personal representative or administrator is the person who will oversee the estate. This person is required to try to find assets, follow the estate plan, and notify people who have an interest in the estate. Beneficiaries, heirs and creditors are some of the parties to notify.

What assets and debts need to be handled?

Assets and debts must be taken care of in accordance with state law. Learning what to take care of can be a challenge so it is best to work with someone who has handled these matters before. One thing to remember is that heirs aren't usually responsible for debts. These must be paid by the estate if possible. There is a certain order that you need to follow when you are paying an estate's debts.

There are sometimes challenges that come up when you are taking care of these matters after a person dies. Meeting these head on might prove difficult because of the emotions that arise after a loved one dies.

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