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Delve a little deeper into different trust types

Protecting your loved ones after you pass away is something that many people think about. You might decide to create your estate plan to help you do this. However, you should understand that not all estate plan components are created equally when it comes to making sure that your loved ones will get what you wan them to get.

5 mistakes you don't want to make about your estate plan

When you pass away, your loved ones will have a lot to deal with. They certainly don't need to have to deal with difficulties related to your estate. The fact of the matter is that these mistakes can be costly and time-consuming, which aren't what you want your loved ones to have to deal with while they mourn your loss.

What are my options for creating a trust?

Most people understand the concept of a will. But ask them about what a trust is and how it can be useful, and many will not even hazard a guess. Long thought to be the domain of the rich who were looking for ways to pass large amounts of money and assets on to their heirs, a trust is a helpful estate planning tool that can be used in a variety of different circumstances by people of varying financial means.


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